Judging New Venture Creations at the University of Florida

April 30th, 2015

Whenever we have a chance to help build the entrepreneurial companies of tomorrow, we enthusiastically raise our hand to serve. So when the University of Florida asked us to judge their “What’s Your Big Idea” Competition, which is essentially just like the TV show Shark Tank, we gladly accepted. We joined several other judges formed from entrepreneurs around the country as we sat on a panel that decided the fate of the competitors. Over 150 business plans entered, all competing for the top prize of $25k. Our task was to evaluate the feasibility of the plans, analyze the financial structures, and decide if the ideas and companies were good investments. As the competition drew to a close, we had listened to a wide range of ideas on how to improve the world around us, from creating educational computer games that kids actually enjoy playing, to revolutionary new stem cell treatments that will reduce healing time in horses and animals by half.  While there could be only be one winner, it was exciting to see so many aspiring entrepreneurs pitching their ideas and following their dreams. At Chacon Diaz & Di Virgilio, we believe in the power of pioneering new paths, and we believe in entrepreneurship, as it is the catalyst for great discovery which ultimately leads to drastic life improvements.