Guiding Principles

At the heart of our philosophy and investment approach are three guiding principles that drive everything we do at Chacon Diaz & Di Virgilio.

Truthfulness and Integrity

Our firm lives and serves by the Latin phrase, “Veritas et Integritas,” as we believe that truthfulness and integrity are the hallmark of the advisor-client relationship.

Fiduciary Responsibility

We believe that the only proper way to engage in an advisory relationship is through a fiduciary capacity, which is the highest standard of care in advising.  It means that we are legally required to act at all times as your guardian, looking out solely for your interests.

Undivided Loyalty

The trust we build with our clients is a privilege and a significant responsibility that we will never take for granted.  As such, we will always serve and advise with undivided loyalty to their best interests.