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In 2009, Chacon Diaz & Di Virgilio was built and designed to solve a perplexing problem. Far too many people were stuck searching, and ultimately accepting, biased advice from uneducated sales people. Advice that wasn’t in their best interest and advice that the advisors wouldn’t even stand behind. This kind of “advisory” relationship wouldn’t lead to optimal results. Thus, we created an independent, fee-only, fiduciary wealth management firm that gave expert advice that was always in our clients’ best interest. Today, it’s an honor to be recognized as a leader and pioneer in our field, as we continue to positively impact the lives of our esteemed clients.  We do not sell products and we do not accept any commissions, allowing nothing to influence our independence and objectivity. As a result, our advice is always unbiased and free from conflicts of interest, which creates an advisory relationship that leads to optimal results for our most important asset, you.

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What is a Fiduciary?

Independent, Fee-Only, Fiduciary Wealth Management

Chacon Diaz & Di Virgilio is an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and fee-only fiduciary wealth management firm that works with clients across the United States. Our firm has broad and extensive experience handling the complex financial and investment issues that significant wealth can present.

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